La Serrezuela I

  • It is on the way from the Siete Pilillas paragliding station - called after a close by fountain under the same name - and it is considered one of the best areas in Andalucia for paragliding.
  • Starting at that station we will follow a perfectly preserved path throughout the hillsides of Serrezuela de Pegalajar.
  • Crossing a typically Mediterranean forest - mainly planted Aleppo pines - we will enjoy lovely views from Sierra Magina meadows and Pegalajar.
  • Some of the surprises that we will find in our way are the ancient graffiti in rock shelters and ‘chozos’, rough stone circular buildings used as shelters by farmers and shepherds.
  • Due to the beauty of this path, we have divided it in two parts. This is the first one.

More about this place…

There is a circular path 150 meters away from Pegalajar that runs through the hillsides of Serrezuela de Pegalajar. It is remarkably well preserved and it is full of information panels along the way. We can enjoy lovely views of Sierra Magina or the meadows using the different viewpoints scattered in its 7 kilometres long. Crossing a typically Mediterranean forest we will find ‘chozos’ - typical building used in this area as shelter for farmers and shepherds - or ancient graffiti in the rock among other things.

How to arrive

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