Cerrillo Blanco

  • Located in the city of Iboica —as Porcuna was known in Turdula times— the archeological site Cerrillo Blanco takes the name from the light colour of the ground.
  • The archeological site is made by a necropolis of burials dating from 7th century BC and by one of the biggest and more important Iberian sculpture found in the peninsula.
  • The works started in 1975 and since then more than 50 sculptures have been found —plus 1400 fragments— representing animals, mythological beings, warriors, hunting or fighting scenes, religious rituals, etc.
  • They date back to the 5th century BC and the stone used —white sandstone— was taken from the quarry of Santiago de Calatrava, south from Porcuna.
  • A century after being made the sculptures were destroyed and buried under big stones. Today they can be found at the Museo Provincial de Jaen and Museo de Porcuna.

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Located approximately 3 Kms away from Porcuna, Cerrillo Blanco is one of the most important archeological sites from the Iberian times, not just in Jaen’s province, but also in the whole peninsula. At the archeological site we can visit the necropolis of burials from the 7th century BC - made up by 24 single burials pits and one megalithic burial - which was still in use till the 1st century BC when the Roman burial style was adopted. The other big discovery of the archeological site, the group of Iberian sculptures made by more than 50 high quality sculptures, can be seen both at the Museo de Porcuna and at the Museo Provincial de Jaen.

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