Atalaya Infante Don Enrique

  • This spectacular over 10 metres high round tower is located at Tiscar mountain port, just a few kilometres away from Quesada.
  • It was built at the end of the 13th century under the orders of don Enrique - son of Fernando 3rd the Saint and brother of Alfonso 10th the Wiser. It was mainly used to check the troops on their way to the Kingdom of Granada.
  • After the restoration a metal ladder allows us to get inside through the original door, located 3.5 metres high.
  • From this privileged location - over 1183 metres over sea level- we can see the municipality of places such as Baeza, Torreperogil, Ubeda, Santo Tome, Villacarrillo or Iznatoraf.

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There is a deviation towards Tiscar mountain port on the road to Quesada. In that place, over 1180 metres high, we can find the round don Enrique Watchtower. This tower is over 10 metres high allowing us to see a vast portion of territory around it. It was mainly used to check the movements of the troops on the way to the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada, raising the alarm among the closeby castles - Tiscar or Quesada - in dangerous situations by using smoke signals. We can still see today 2 coats of arms in the facade; in one of them - the best preserved one- there are 2 castles and 2 Calatravan crosses, possibly the coat of arms of Prince don Enrique.

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