The first book

The goal is to continue spreading the culture and heritage of the province of Jaén, as an addition to the work that we publish weekly on the web site, by digging deeper into the past and present of each of the 16 places selected for the book.


The book has 16 chapters, focusing each one on a different spot, and including more than a dozen photos and a piece of text written by an expert on the history and the essence of the place.

Do you want to know more? In this slides we show you a preview of the book.

Sorry, these slides are available only in Spanish for now.

A crowdfunded project

This book has been funded through a crowdfunding campaign we launched in Verkami by the end of 2014. We were able to achieve a figure of almost 6.000€, more than enough to cover the 4.500€ we needed to make it feasible. None of this would have been possible without the support of each of the funders (individuals and companies) that made their contribution within the 40 days of the campaign.

We are immensely grateful to them, and that’s why each of them have their own little space in the acknowledgements section of the book.


Once the book has been edited and printed, all the profits we got from the sales will be used to:

  • Help us keep up with the weekly articles in the web site, by letting us reach places we had not been to visit before.
  • Redesign the web site and help us pay for the hosting expenses. We have been able to create a new platform, more flexible, that will allow us to create more a enriching experience for each article, including not just pictures but also video. And we have rethought the way we categorise the articles throughout, so that it’s easier to navigate and discover new places too.
  • Translating all the contents to English, something that has already started and will continue in the future. This will let us to reach a broader audience of people interested in what Jaén has to offer.

How do I get my book?

Easy peasy! The book has a price of 21.95€, and, if you live around, you can buy it in one of the following book places:

If you own a book store, like what you see, and want to help us spread the word, please, drop us an email at or call us: 653 36 80 46.

Unfortunately, we don’t sell the book online yet. It’s on the making, so, meanwhile, if you live abroad and want to get your own copy, please, send an email to and we’ll figure something out for sure!

Social networks

Please, share your opinions on the book and the project —and your passion!— by using the following hashtag: #librolmj.