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Consigue ya nuestro segundo libro, en el que te presentamos 16 nuevos capítulos para continuar descubriendo la provincia de Jaén. Para poder financiarlo hemos preparado una nueva campaña de crowdfunding. Infórmate y consigue el tuyo en verkami.

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Our first book


With the support of hundreds of individuals and companies, we raised the amount of 6.000€ in a crowdfunding campaign. A few months later, in June 2015, we published our first book "Lugares Míticos de Jaén". Read the story of the book and buy your copy.

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Have you got photos of any of these places? Do you want your photos to appear on our website? Just post your photo on Instagram with the proper hashtag and it will appear on the web at the moment.


Send your suggestions

We still have a huge list of places to visit. If you know a story about these or other places, or you want us to write about a place we have not visit yet, or just have an interesting idea, please, contact us.


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Lugares Míticos de Jaén is a non-profit project, and this is why we need your support. There is a lot of work and a lot of expenses to cover to keep up with the features and the maintenance of the website. Every donation will be much appreciated.

Hemos lanzado una campaña de crowdfunding para publicar nuestro próximo libro. ¡No te quedes sin tu ejemplar! Más información ×