About us

Lugares Míticos de Jaén is a non-profit project that aims to collect and show to the world the heritage of the province of Jaén. Our main objective is to promote our heritage to make it known, and also help ourselves, the people from Jaén, to learn to appreciate it, to enjoy it, and to protect it properly. This is our brief history...

November 2015

100 articles

On November 9, 2015, we published our article number 100, dedicated to Puente de Ariza, in Úbeda. Also we launched some improvements in the website, among which is included the redesign of main navigation menu, the slider on homepage with last articles and a map and instructions in the articles page to know how to visit the places.

September 2015

The launch of the new website

We have significantly improved the maps of the site and we have included pages of cities & towns so that you can comfortably discover Jaen from your sofa. We have also worked hard to improve the design of the place's pages and the mobile experience. And very important, now Lugares Míticos de Jaén is also available in English :-)

June 2015

Book official presentation

After months of hard work, on June 25, we presented the first book of Lugares Míticos de Jáen and we celebrated the second anniversary of the project with more than 200 people in the Old Hospital "San Juan de Dios".

June 2015

We receive the first printed copies of the book

June 2015

Our second birthday!

While we finish the preparations for the book publishing, Lugares Míticos de Jaén celebrates its second birthday.

February 2015

We reach 6000 € in our crowdfunding campaign

It was hard, but finally we achieve the goal. After 40 days of madness, the crowdfunding campaing was closed with almost 6000 € (1.500 € more than the first objective). This quantity has enabled us to make a first printing of 600 copies of the book, and also continuing with our usual rhythm of publications.

December 2014

We launch a crowdfunding campaign

We needed funding to continue with the activity of the website. Many people had told us "Why don't you publish a book?" So we started a crowdfunding campaign in Verkami to achieve the necessary funding in order to publish the first book of Lugares Míticos de Jáen and get some money with the book's sales.

June 2014

Our first birthday!

To celebrate it, we published a special articles of the Santa Catalina's Castle and we raffled three full color printed pictures.

September 2013

September 2013

The archive of places was growing, people wanted to know more about the project and sent us a lot of emails with suggestions... In order to enhance the website experience we included a map with all articles geolocated. We also added a home page that collected the recent articles and the most visited articles and we improved some design details.

June 2013

The lauch of "Lugares Míticos de Jaén"

The initial idea was simple: we wanted to publish a weekly article about one of the many charming places of our province. The articles must be visually striking and their text must be short, in order to people could see it in 2 minutes.