La Centenera

  • We will start our way from Las Majadillas lookout, where we will find a recreational area and great views from the nearby village of Marmolejo.
  • This path, almost 7 kilometres long, takes us along a curved shaped landscape scattered with the native holm oak forest typical from Sierra Morena.
  • The forestland that we will see in our way, is completed by eucalyptus, cypress, stones pines and resin pines, and the typical Mediterranean low shrub vegetation.
  • We will enjoy wonderful views of Yeguas reservoir and we will see livestock as we cross different farms until we get to the shrine of San Jose, only a niche and part of the wall preserved today.

More about this place…

In order to get to Las Majadillas Lookout, starting point of our route, we will follow A-420 from Marmolejo towards Cordoba. Once we have crossed the river Guadalquivir, we will take right on the crossing following JV-5001 for 7 kilometres until we get to the lookout. From this point there are 6.7 kilometres, around 2 hours walk, of a lovely path surrounded by one of the most iconic landscapes of Sierra Morena. La Centena allows us to travel through an area where native species, such as holm oaks, have been living here since time immemorial. In addition to bumping into native flora, during this walk we will be able to see sheeps, cows, bulls and horses grazing on the vast lands of the mountain range farms.

How to arrive

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