El Encinarejo

  • El Encinarejo’s recreative area is the starting point of a path which runs through one of the most iconic areas of this Natural Park.
  • We will start this unforgettable walk by crossing Puente de Hierro (Iron Bridge), considered as the main entrance to the Park, and we will always walk next to the river Jandula.
  • Marking the river course there is a beautiful riverside woodland made of ashes, alder trees, oleanders and a willows escorting us in our way. If we are lucky we could see some of the otters that live here together with other species such as herons or grebes.
  • We also need to add some of the main examples of Iberian fauna such as, the lynx, the deer, the imperial eagle, the wolf and the black vulture.
  • There are several wildlife observatories along the path, to watch animals in general and specially birds.
  • Our path ends at the dam of Encinarejo reservoir - that looks like a natural lake. It is also possible to walk around it.

More about this place…

Sierra de Andujar Natural Park is specially well known for being the last place where Iberian lynx can still be found. However, beyond this amazing fact that makes it different from any other park, we need to add the stunning mountain ranges, a luxury to the senses. The area we are approaching today, El Encinarejo, is considered as the main entrance to the park, and the path that runs through it is one of the busiest. The river Jandula makes alive a beautiful riverside wood, and walking through it we will see the wide variety of trees and animals that live here. We will finish our walk at the dam of Encinarejo, a little reservoir used in the production of electric energy.

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