Refugio Collado de la Aviación

  • Barranco de Valdeazores path will take us to this shelter at the heart of Despenaperros Natural Park.
  • At the beginning of our journey we will cross a plantation forest, finding local vegetation such as holm oaks, cork oaks, gall oaks and holly as we are going higher.
  • We will get to Collado de la aviacion shelter after a crossing. It is well known for being the watching place of Franco’s bombers during the Civil War. Today the shelter is used by shepherds and hikers.
  • Our trip ends in the amazing The Organs Natural Monument viewpoint, a group of enormous rock columns similar to the tubes of a huge organ, hence the name.
  • From this viewpoint we can enjoy the lovely grandscape, witness of the origin of this part of the Earth inhabited by men since prehistoric times.

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We begin at Barranco de Valdeazores path from the forest house of the same name. We will get here via the A4 Cadiz bound, at the 245 Kilometre. We will leave the car here to start an espectacular walk to Collado de la Aviacion Shelter, to end up at The Organs Natural Monument viewpoint where we will enjoy a wonderful view of Despenaperros coomb. Arguably one of the most amazing paths in this Natural Park, one of the most espectacular and less known of the Province of Jaen.

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