La Pandera

  • La Pandera is 1872 metres high, it’s the ceiling of Jaen’s Sierra Sur. It offers spectacular views of Quiebrajano, Sierra Sur, Jaen city, Magina, Cazorla and even Sierra Nevada.
  • It is located between the limits of Los Villares and Valdepenas de Jaen. There is a road (the gradient of the slope increases more than 15%) that provides with direct access to the top. This is the main reason for it to be included as the main mountain stage in the last editions of vuelta ciclista a Espana.
  • For fans of trekking, the route from Puerto de las Coberteras, via Puerto de la Nava and Pena del Altar till the top of La Pandera, is one of the most beautiful ones in the Sierra Sur and generally in the whole Province.
  • At the top there is a Red Territorial de Mando - telecommunications military base- built in the 50s with support from the USA army. There are barracks, heliport, several buildings and guard posts. It is not in use anymore.
  • Despite the refurbishment in 2011 to be used by tourists, the place is in a regrettable neglected state.

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La Pandera is one of the icons of Sierra Sur and the Province of Jaen. It is 1872 metres high providing spectacular views of almost the entire Province of Jaen, and in clear days, even Sierra Nevada, la Sierra de Alhama and la Serrania de Ronda. It is possible to get to the top by car following the A-6050 road linking Jaen to Valdepenas de Jaen and Castillo de Locubin. However, if we would like to fully enjoy the magnificence of one of the most beautiful natural environments in the whole Province, the best thing to do it’s to walk our way to the top. There are many routes starting from different locations, but we recommend to take the one via Puerto de las Coberteras.

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