El dolmen de Otíñar

  • Located at the entrance of the settlement in Veleta Hill, the Dolmen used to shelter the deads and protect the living ones. Anyone who dared to enter, should do it among the deads.
  • It is made up by 6 rectangular stones of different heights, topped by a single 2,70 meters wide by 1,70 meters long stone.
  • The entrance is oriented to the East. It no longer standing high because the top stone is at floor level.
  • Looted several times, it is known that the one in 1947 was done as per Otinar Baron’s orders.
  • It is also documented the existence of other dolmens in the valley - looted and destroyed around 1965, they were located not far from the Quiebrajano’s River and in the Brincola gully.

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Otinar has always been a land rich in water and sediments, perfect for agriculture and hunting. Main reason for the first inhabitants to settle here sheltered in the valley. Veleta Hill’s Dolmen is one of the several prehistoric remains in the area - there are 44 documented rock paintings. Located at the entrance of the settlement at Veleta Hill, the Dolmen was both sheltering the deads and protecting the living ones.

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