Castillo de Tíscar

  • Tiscar Castle is located in a magnificent and steep rock, in an area known as Penas Negras.
  • The first records of this Berber origin fortress date back to AD 876. There are plenty references, especially during the time of the muslim rule.
  • Its strategic position made Christian and Muslim rule to alternate in several occasions until the year 1319, when it gets under the rule of the prince don Pedro de Castilla.
  • Some of the walls and the donjon can still be seen today. The donjon was built by the Christians in the 14th Century after conquering the castle. However, Pena Negra, a huge rock in the middle of the castle premises, was used as a Donjon before.

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Tiscar Castle or Castle of Penas Negras, is placed in the middle of a beautiful and steep place, next to the Shrine of the Virgin of Tiscar and not far from Cave of the Water. It was practically an impregnable fortress due to the enormous difficulties to get to its location, due to the steepness of the terrain. There are a wide range of legends referring to this, such as the appearance of the Virgin Mary to help the Christian siege. This ‘fact’ triger the building of the Shrine of the Virgin of Tiscar in the surroundings of the castle itself.

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