St Lorenzo’s Church

  • From Medieval origin, it was built in the XIII century after the Christian conquest of Ubeda by Fernando III’s troops.
  • The original church would be massively modified during the Baroque and the Renaissance, specially on the last half of the 16th century, when the side door that can be seen today is carved.
  • In 1740 is added to the parishioners of ‘la collacion de San Juan de los Huertos’. It’s in this time when the main chapel is refurbished and the mudejar roof is replaced by a barrel vault.
  • In the 19th century St Lorenzo’s starts to fall; in 1842 it stops as a parish church but it continues to be used for Sunday mass.
  • During the civil war it is looted, and it is terribly damaged. It was then closed down and never open again for worship.
  • Recently recovered by Fundacion Huertas de San Antonio, San Lorenzo has opened its doors again as a cultural and social centre, with numerous activities.

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Built in 13th century after the city was conquered by the Christians, San Lorenzo was placed in one of the neighbourhoods in the outskirts, next to the city’s south wall. From Medieval origin, it was massively modified during the Renaissance and Baroque, leaving very little from the original church. In 1842 it stops being a parish church, thus starting its fall. During the civil war it was looted and closed down, never opening its doors to worship anymore. It’s been recently refurbished and opened to public by Fundacion Huertas de San Antonio. Today, St Lorenzo’s church is used for a wide range of social and cultural activities.

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