Castillo de Santisteban

  • Located on top of an amazing circular plateau on a hill 800 meters high, Santisteban’s in Castle dates from the 9th century.
  • In this same plateau was located Oppidum - or Iberian city - known as Ilurgeia, conquered by the Romans in 192 AD.
  • From Berber origin, the castle is found as Sant Istiban or Astiban in the chronicles that tells the story of the uprising of the Banu Habil brothers against the emir Abd-el-Rhaman.
  • In 1226 Fernando III conquered Santisteban, putting the casting in Christian hands. During the second half of the 13th century there will be some structural changes in the castle.
  • The North tower and some wall support are the only bits left of this castle, from which location amazing views of Santisteban can be enjoyed.

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From Berber origin, Santisteban del Puerto’s Castle dates from the 9th century. Located on top of a hill at 800 meters high on an amazing 200 meters circular plateau - previous site for Oppidum or Ilurgeia Iberian city- the Berbers raised this castle mentioned in the chronicles of its time as Sant Istiban or Astiban.

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