Cueva de los Soles

  • Located in one of the multiple and spectacular rock shelters of Otinar Valley, the Suns’ Cave is one of the most beautiful examples of ancient rock painting.
  • A big amount of scattered dots, some figures and dark red suns representations decorate the shelter’s walls, scholars think this could be a sanctuary.
  • This painting dates back to the Copper Age and they are clearly linked to the village that was once placed at Veleta Hill.
  • It is not easy to get to it because of the steep terrain. But from the Sun’s Cave there is a privileged view of the valley.
  • Unfortunately, the paintings - that were remarkably well preserved - have been seriously damaged, preventing us from enjoying them at their best.

More about this place…

We could define the Sun’s Cave as the best viewing platform to discover Otinar’s Valley. Full of rock shelters, Otinar hide treasures that tell us about the first inhabitants in this area. The Sun’s Cave is one of those treasures, a huge rock shelter holding ancient rock paintings dating back to the Copper Age. Several scattered dots, some figures and suns representations in dark red decorates the walls of what could be a sanctuary used by the ancient inhabitants of a settlement in Veleta Hill. Unfortunately the paintings have been looted and damaged and we not enjoy them at their best.

How to arrive

We have not revealed the location to get to this site, as we think it's a place that we should take special care of. This does not mean that you cannot find its location if you research a bit online, the only thing we ask you to do, is to take care and protect it if you decide to visit it, in the same way that you would do we any of the other sites which represents our legacy. This is our legacy and it belongs to us in the same way that it belonged to our ancestors in the past, and it is only fair that we take care of it for our children’s rights to enjoy it in the best possible preservation state.

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