La Graja’s Cave

  • The Graja’s Cave is located at the furthest to the North of the mountain masiff of Aznaitin, in the park known as ‘la Cimbra’.
  • It is a 6 meters deep and 6 meters wide shelter, which reaches 5 meters in its highest part.
  • On top of its amazing views from its 750 meters high, this shelter holds some rock paintings done between 2000 and 5000 years BCE.
  • Made using pigments taken from blending iron oxide, mud and animal fat; the paintings represents rites and shepherd’s duties.
  • Declared Historical Artistic Monument in 1924, the cave can be visited asking for a permit at Jimena’s Town hall.

More about this place…

The huge presence of limestone and karstic effects make our province full of caves and shelters that were once the home for the people living in these lands thousands of years ago, La Granja’s Cave is an example of this. This rock shelter located at the furthest North of the Aznaitin, 750 meters high, holds rock paintings dating back between 2000 and 5000 years BCE. It is needed to ask for a permit at Jimena’s Town Hall to visit the cave.

How to arrive

We have not revealed the location to get to this site, as we think it's a place that we should take special care of. This does not mean that you cannot find its location if you research a bit online, the only thing we ask you to do, is to take care and protect it if you decide to visit it, in the same way that you would do we any of the other sites which represents our legacy. This is our legacy and it belongs to us in the same way that it belonged to our ancestors in the past, and it is only fair that we take care of it for our children’s rights to enjoy it in the best possible preservation state.

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