Hernan Perea’s Fields I

  • Located around 1700 meters high, with more than 12300 acres wide, Hernan Perea’s Fields are one the biggest high plateaus in Spain.
  • The hard weather conditions - long winters with frequent snowfalls - explains the absence of trees, increasing the isolated and wideness feeling.
  • Its rich pasturage is kept fresh till mid summer, pasturing of Seguran sheep is mainly based at Hernan Perea’s Fields.
  • Spectacular and hard route it is advised to do it in spring time, avoiding winter and the strong snowfalls that takes place here.
  • Because if its wideness and spectacular landscape we have divided the route in several articles.

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Hernan Perea’s Fields - also known as Hernan Pelea- is one the most singular place at the Natural Park of Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas. More than 12300 acres located at aprox 1700 meters high, shape one of the biggest high plateaus in our country. Its weather conditions - with extremely long winters - makes it ideal for a specific adapted vegetation without trees, increasing the wideness and isolation feeling. Traditionally linked to pasturing, the Seguran sheep is mainly located in these lands.

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