Sendero Jabalí-Encinajero

  • There is a short but spectacular path from the Jabali’s recreational area, running into one of the best preserved Mediterranean woods in the whole country.
  • From the starting point we could see a granite sculpture of a wild board, granite is very common in the area and we will find it later on in the shape of ‘bolos‘ (‘pins’)
  • Along the 3 kilometres of the path we will cross a beautiful oaks grassland, we will walk next to a stream feeding the Jandula and we will see Encinarejo’s reservoir; one of the oldest reservoirs in the Guadalquivir’s basin. It was created during the second Republic for hydroelectric production.
  • We will end up this family friendly tour, in another recreational area, this time, Encinarejo’s.

More about this place…

There are several paths running through Sierra de Andujar Natural Park, allowing us to enjoy on of the best Mediterranean forests in the whole country. This mountain range is well known for having the biggest amount of the endangered Iberian lynx. It also offers spectacular walks through grasslands, paths, such as the Jabali-Encinarejo’s, of small/medium difficulty but with an enormous landscape and natural value.

How to arrive

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