Torre del Homaneja

  • Martos was conquered in 1219 by Fernando III and given to Orden de Calatrava in 1228, after this, it becomes a border city and one of the main defensive places of Granada Kingdom.
  • Its strategic location pushes the reinforcement of the walls and the building of an espectacular defensive structure made up by two castles surrounded by a walls’ system that will enclose the city.
  • La Pena Castle is build on top of La Pena de Martos, overlooking the meadow, while De la Villa Castle is placed at the bottom of it, the highest place in the city.
  • There are still remains today of some of De la Villa Castle’s walls and some of its towers such as The Donjon, Albarrana Tower and Almedina Tower.
  • The Donjon is remarkable, a 3-floors tower of square base originally with an ‘aljibe’ (cistern) collecting rain water using a conduit system.
  • The Donjon, after the restoration, is very well preserved. It is possible to visit it as well as enjoy the views of Martos from the top of it.

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The Donjon was built in the 14th Century by the Orden of Calatrava as part of De la Villa Castle located at the top of the city of Martos, a spectacular defensive structure together with De la Pena Castle. The Donjon has 3 floors. The entrance is on the middle floor via a stone stairs attached to it. There is an ‘aljibe’ (cistern) in the low ground which was used to collect rain water from the terrace via a conduit system. It was declared Monumento Historico in 1985 and today holds a history of Martos museum.

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