Valdecanales Oratory

  • Situated 6 kilometres away from Rus, the Visigoth rock oratory in Valdecanales was built between 6th and 7th centuries.
  • Made of three artificial caves carved in the rock, the beauty of its facade, directly carved on the terrain slope, is still perceived today.
  • The main cave - where worship took place- it is in the central part. Two arches divide the interior into a three naves’ church.
  • According to the research, the cave on the left hand side was used for baptisms, while the one on the right was probably used as a monk’s residence.
  • This shrine- unique in the south of Spain- was discovered by Rafael Vano in 1968, and it was declared Historic- artistic Monument on 21st March 1970.

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6 Kilometres away from Rus, it is found one of the most unknown treasures in the province of Jaen. This shrine of visigothic origins - unique in the south of Spain- dates from the 6th and 7th centuries. The site is made of a main cave and two other ones next to it, all of them carved directly on the rock.The main cave - which preserves the beautiful facade directly carved on the terrain slope- was used as a chapel, while the other two were used for baptism and monk’s residence.

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