The bridges of Puente Génave

  • River Guadalimar splits the village in two when it gets to Puente Genave, blending water and nature within the urban center.
  • Although the village was founded in 1933, its origins date back to the 1st century BC when the Romans built Puente Genave as part of the logistics which linked Castulo with Cartagena.
  • Built in stone - alternating stone and masonry - it has just one lowered arch which is remarkably well preserved.
  • The Old Bridge is one of the emblems of this beautiful village, which also offers a wonderful stroll along the river bank of one of the biggest sources feeding the Guadalquivir River.
  • New Bridge is right next to it. Dating back to the 19th century, it was built big enough to allow traffic and relief a bit the work of the Old Bridge.

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Although the history of Puente Genave village is kind of new, there is proof that this area being occupied in ancient times, for instance the Old Bridge, built in the 1st century BC in order to improve the links between Castulo and Cartagena. It still allows the ‘puentenos’ (name for the locals from Puente Genave) to cross the river, linking the two parts of the village. Guadalimar river, feeding the Guadalquivir, divides the village in two parts, making a beautiful landscape blending nature and urban together.

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