Paseo del Guadalimar

  • La puerta de Segura is one of the natural access to Sierra de Segura and compulsory place to get to most of its towns, no wonder it is called like that (Segura’s door).
  • The origin of a settlement here goes back to Islamic times, when Bujalamed Castle - today just remains of a tower) was built.
  • There is a lovely path running by the Guadalimar river that splits the town in two. We will walk this path on this document.
  • The path was built in the 90s and it is provided with a ship - shaped bridge that links both sides of the town. It also holds the traditional flea market every Friday.

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Natural entrance to Sierra de Segura, La Puerta de Segura is a compulsory way in order to access a big number of its towns and villages. It welcomes us with a beautiful path near the Guadalimar river and its clear water that divides the town in two. La Puerta is surrounded by a remarkable natural environment.

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