Museum of Navas de Tolosa’s Battle

  • On the 16th July 1212 took place not far from Santa Elena one of the key battles for the Reconquest.
  • The Christian alliance’s army, having half soldiers than the enemy, defeated the Almohad Caliph Muhammad an-Nasir’s troop.
  • Despite the big difference in size, the victory was decisive, starting the decline of the Muslim empire and beginning the final stage of the Christian Reconquest.
  • In 2009 the Museum of Navas de Tolosa’s Battle opened on the grounds that witnessed the battle, right in the middle of Despenaperros’ Natural Park.

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Navas de Tolosa’s Battle is considered a changing point in the Christian Reconquest. Lots has been written about it and it is one of the most epic battles ever. Almost double in size, the Almohad’s army was defeated by the Christian Alliance in mid July 1212, which get back Vilches, Ferral, Banos de la Encina and Tolosa among others. Despite the importance of this victory, the Reconquest was not completed till more than 2 centuries later. The Museum of Navas de Tolosa’s Battle, opened in 2009, offers a didactic approach to the historical facts related to the Battle’s time.

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