Torre de la Muña

  • After Torredelcampo’s conquest by Fernando III the Saint, takes place a castle’s refurbishment and widening in the area -such as the Berrueco- and new watchtowers are built, the Muna’s Tower being one of them.
  • This square based tower is made of two floors covered by pointed vaults. It is very well preserved, it is still possible to see some of the remains of the wall around it.
  • In this article there are also images of the Olvidada Tower and Aldehuela Tower, both of them located a few miles away from Torredelcampo.
  • In the highest part of a 476 meters high hill, Olvidad Tower emerges, a circular based watchtower of Arabic origins used to watch the path linking the city of Jaen with Arjona.
  • A bit farther from Berrueco’s Castle, is located Aldehuela’s Tower, a fortification with forms and shapes similar to those of Muna’s Tower, but no so well preserved.

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Torredelcampo’s area holds an important collection of towers or watchtowers scattered around Berrueco’s Castle. During muslim times arabs had watchtowers, such as Olvidada, to watch the path linking Jaen with Arjona. After the Christian conquest of the area by Fernando III the Saint, there is a refurbishment and addition of fortifications, and that was the case of La Muna’s Tower. This article also includes photographs of Aldehuela’s Tower, a site of muslim origins latetly altered by the christians.

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