Mimo Libros

  • A place where the paper scent wraps the visitor, an oasis where the old traditional book trade is preserved.
  • Founded on the 14th February 1997, it was part of the Books Guild in Granada, currently in the process of be founded again.
  • It is located at the heart of the historical neighbourhoods of the city, at 13th Capitan Oviedo Street, not far from the well-known Los Jardinillos Square.
  • At Mimo you can find antique, second hand and on sale books, plus documents, engravings and original drawings.

More about this place…

Mimo Libros is an old school book shop, it looks more like a library than a simple bookshop. The magic of literature wraps the visitors from the very moment they step in, the paper’s scent, the high shelves full of books and an atmosphere that invites to relax and chill, a place where the clock stops and the rush is scared away.

How to arrive

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