Los Madroñales

  • It is a 1086 meters high Mountain Pass within the more than 6600 acres of Monte de la Sierra park around build-up areas.
  • Close to the recreational area of “Canada de las Hazadillas” there is a small path taking us to Los Madronales.
  • From the highest top we would enjoy the wonderful views of Quiebrajano’s Valley.
  • During our walk we will enjoy the beauty of this mountain range located approximately 20 Kilometres away from Jaen, we could even extend our walk to the Cruz de la Chimba’s shelter.

More about this place…

Monte de la Sierra park around build-up areas, best known as “Canada de las Hazadillas” is one of the mountain range more visited by the people from Jaen. Within its more than 6600 acres we can enjoy a natural environment equal to other best known natural park in our province. Otinar and its thousand treausures, Quiebrajano’s reservoir, Cruz de la Chimba’s shelter and Madronales High Pass are some of the most relevant sites. In fact, from the last one, we would be able to enjoy the amazing views of Quiebrajano’s Valley.

How to arrive

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