Embalse del Anchuricas

  • It was built in 1957 to provide water to Miller’s power station. This little reservoir collects the water from Segura River at La Toba.
  • The fact that it is fitted in the magnificent pinewood covered mountains, makes it look like more like a natural pond in the rocks rather than an artificial reservoir.
  • Under the water is located the old little village of Las Casicas, from which the old church is the only bit visible today.
  • The changes of light influence the different colours of the water: blue, turquoise and emerald green. It is an incredible show to look at its silhouette from the top of the nearby mountains such as Puntal de la Misa or Umbria de los Aguijones.

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This little but magnificent reservoir is located in Santiago-Pontones, at the heart of Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park. It is fitted in pinewood covered mountains, and the pines reach its shore. Anchuricas offers a lovely path from the source of La Toba and allows us to walk all the way along the reservoir till the dam.

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