Dinosaur’s footprints

  • You can find this Natural Monument less than a kilometre away from Santisteban del Puerto.
  • This 230 million years old 24 footprints, belong to the group of the archosaurs, bipedal dinosaurs which movements could be quite similar to those of a kangaroo.
  • Archeological sites like this one are very difficult to find, because the material where this animal stepped in- possibly sediments from a river or pond- was afterwards covered by other materials allowing its preservation.
  • However the place is in pretty poor conditions and with this documentary today we want to show this.
  • We want to raise our voice to claim the actual worth of this place. It is one of the few sites of this kind preserved and after been declared Natural Monument by the Junta de Andalucia 23rd November 2001, it has been forgotten and abandoned completely.

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Less than a kilometre away from Santisteban del Puerto it is located this special archeological site declared Natural Monument by the Junta de Andalucia in November 2001. It is made by 24 footprints - or ‘icnitas’- belonging to the Archosaurs group, bipedal animals which movements could be similar to those of the kangaroo. The footprints are over 230 million years old and it is one of the few archeological sites of this kind in our country.

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