Castillo de Segura (Interiores)

  • This impressive muslim origin fortress is located on the top of the hill where Segura de la Sierra town stands.
  • After the Christians conquered it for good in the year 1241, Fernando III gave it the Order the Santiago, which made big changes in the structure.
  • In 1244 it was chosen for the Headquarters of Encomienda Mayor de Castilla, and later on the place of residence for Gran Maestre de la Orden de Santiago.
  • The castle is open to the public and it looks great after being through two different restoration works - the first one in the 60s and later on at the end of the 20th century and start of the 21st.
  • In this first approach to the castle we will be focusing in the inside and the landscapes that such a privilege location has to offer.

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This spectacular castle crowning the beautiful town of Segura de la Sierra can be seen from miles away. It is said that it dates back from some centuries ago from the times of wars between Romans and Carthaginians. Its origin is Muslim, the first records are found in the year 781 the year that Abderraman I took the town from Abul-Asuar. The area of Segura would be under muslim control till the year 1241, when Fernando III’s troops reconquered it for the Christians and giving the castle to the Order of Santiago. Later on Segura de la Sierra was named Headquarters of Encomienda de Castilla, it had a main role in history at the time.

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