Castillo de Segura (Exteriores)

  • In this second part we will pay attention to the outside of the castle and the towers surrounding it - via different perspectives from closeby locations.
  • The castle was linked to the village by a fence which was also used for proctection. Several towers were built in this wall.
  • One of them was the Water Tower, which got its name from a hot spring that could be accessed through the upper part of the tower.
  • A big part of the walls surrounding old Segura are still preserved today, together with the 4 gates to access the town: Catena - the best preserved one -, Gontar, Orcera and Nueva gate, which was rebuilt in the 16th century.

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After our first visit to Segura’s Castle - in which we checked the inside and enjoyed the amazing views that it has to offers - we will contemplate its stateliness from the outside on this occasion, searching for nearby places that show us the walls protecting the old Segura village and the several towers emerging on the way to access the 4 gates to the Medieval Segura. Catena, Gontar, Nueva and Orcera are the gates’ names, however only the first three can still be seen today.

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