Embalse del Yeguas

  • It was founded in 1989. Its 948 hectares collects the water from the river Yeguas.
  • The river Yeguas, running between Montoro and Marmolejo, and the reservoir split in two the provinces of Cordoba and Jaen.
  • The river Yeguas feeds the Guadalquivir river and runs from Ciudad Real till Jaen’s province, where it marks the borders of Cordoba. It also acts as a border between Sierra de Andujar Natural Park and Sierra de Cardena and Montoro
  • Yeguas Reservoir belongs to Confederacion Hidrografica del Guadalquivir. It is a reservoir of a medium size and it is mainly used for the production of electricity and irrigation.
  • It is also well known for fishing. It holds fishes such as the black bass, the carp and the boga.

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Located between the provinces of Jaen and Cordoba, it is formed by the water of the river Yeguas and it belongs to the Confederacion Hidrografica del Guadalquivir. With a surface of 948 hectares and a capacity of 228,7 cubic hectometres, it can be considered as a medium size reservoir. It is well known among recreational fishermen, however it is mainly used for irrigation and provide the nearby towns and villages with water.

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